Working American Pit Bull Terriers

Welcome to K9 Performance Kennels home of the working American Pit Bull Terrier. We specialize in the working aspect of the breed.  Agility, Schutzhund, Weight Pull, Obedience, Rally, Nosework, and Conformation.


Siren was the cornerstone of our kennel. She won the Working Pit Bull Championships for 2012 in Buffalo NY.

working with barrels

CH Siren #1 Working APBT in the country


#1 American Pit Bull Terrier in NADAC Agility for 2007 - 2012

Shamrocks Pride Vixen's Fire
Owned and Trained by K9 Performance Kennels

vixen agility

Vixen has her NATCH but is working on her triple triple life time award and her 2 NATCH

Vixen took #1 in 2012 in NADAC!

Working Pit Bull Terrier Championships 2011
Weight Pull

Monsoon won 1st, and Barca 2nd place



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